About Rawr Vanity

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Glitter/pop/rock was never a known genre in Brisbane, or anywhere, until the two ladies and two gents of Rawr Vanity stepped onto the local music scene of March in 2010. Having prepared a solid set of tunes after jamming in a garage in suburbia in late August of 2009, the quartet thought maybe they had something special and should take this serious hobby to the next level.  After ironing out the creases they were ready to share with the world exactly what they as a band stood for. Equality, individuality and the message behind their band name which states in the simplest manor: be proud of who you are but don’t be a dick about it!

Why glitter/pop/rock? The young, vibrant quartet have created their own unique sound of pop melodies expressed by duel male and female vocals, coupled with synth over driven bass, drums and lightly distorted guitar. Essentially pop/rock covered with different pieces drawn from the things that have inspired each over the years as individual artists. Their first demo “Hot for you” featured a country bass line/breakdown because that’s Rawr Vanity in all of their musical glamour. Dare to be different or don’t dare at all.


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